Relaxation Massage
$11590 minutes
  • 60 minutes, $75
  • 30 minutes, $50
  • This is the perfect package for newbies to massage or someone looking for gentle experience. Enjoy the ambiance and complimentary wine as you relax and drift away to the paradise in your mind

Hot Stone Massage
$14590 minutes
  • 60 minutes, $105

  • The use of hot stones helps to massage the muscles to achieve deeper manipulation of the muscle fibers while the heat provides a soothing effect.

$12590 minutes
  • 60 minutes, $75

  • Sports massage is excellent for when you’ve been overworking muscles with repetitive action. This can cause muscles to tighten and shorten, not allowing them to relax or stretch. This massage will help you get back to doing what you love and can help prevent injury.

$11590 minutes
  • 60 minutes, $85
  • Enjoy an Aromatherapy experience during your massage with your choice of fragrant oil. Each fragrance has its own beneficial attributes to help you achieve your desired intention.

Couple’s Massage
$25090 minutes
  • 60 minutes, $170
  • The name says it all! You and your companion (friend, family, partner) will get a private room to have your joint massages simultaneously on two separate beds by two of our elite therapists.

Hot Tub Soak
$6530 minutes
  • 5 minutes, $45
  • Give your muscles some warm hydrotherapy with a detoxifying hot tub soak. As a package add-on, it’s also the perfect way to keep those muscles relaxed for maximum effect after your massage!